Healthier Crops with Support Netting for Cucumbers

Healthier Crops with Support Netting for Cucumbers

Get to Know More about the Benefits of Support Netting for Cucumbers

The main concern of farmers is keeping their crops healthy until harvest time. If you are growing vegetables like cucumbers, you need to make sure that the method you use is one that is truly beneficial for the crop. You must already know that what’s good for the plants is what’s good for you. With the help of the right method, system or technique. You will be able to ensure that your crops are protected and kept safe. Using support netting for cucumbers, for instance, is one of the best ways to go.

hortomallas trellis installed on vertical
With a correct method your crops will get the best quality in the plant.

Nettings, Stakes and Rings

There are several ways to train or tutor your crops. Tomatoes can be trained using a tomato ring, netting or stakes. Since cucumbers tend to be bigger than tomatoes, then support netting are more advisable.

You can build your own support netting for cucumbers or you can avail of the commercial variety. The good thing about buying a netting support is that you do not have to go to all the trouble of buying the materials and then trying to figure out how to design and build the trellising system.

cucumber crops in cropfield
The netting support provide many advantages to your cucumbers crops, providing a good protection for improve your health.

There are several shops – both online and offline – the sell support netting for cucumbers. The best thing that you can do is to research well and vigilantly. Find a seller that offers different types of trellising or netting for vertical and horizontal farming.


You must know the cucumbers can be grown vertically and horizontally. The choice is yours and your decision would probably be influenced by the amount of farming or planting space you have. If there is limited ground space, going vertical is the best way.

Benefits of Vertical Farming and Support Netting for Cucumbers

cucumber crops in cropfield
The vertical support helps to your crops to keeps the health to your crops avoiding the prescence of the pathogens.

Traditionally, farmers just let the plants grow as they please. But that was before, when there was more than enough space for farming or growing crops. Today, most residential lots are so small that there usually isn’t sufficient space for planting anything. In case you have a small space and you are keen on gardening, you should consider vertical farming.

This method is ideal for plants that can be tutored to grow up, instead of just letting them grow and spread out. Such crops include tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkin, pole beans and even watermelons and melons.


For cucumber growing, trellising is highly recommended as it provides the best protection for the crops. With a system for support netting for cucumbers in place, you are allowing your crops to grow freely and with enough supply of sunlight and air flow. Additionally, vertical growing prevents the cucumbers from being attacked by pests and weeds. Therefore, diseases and rotting are also prevented.

trelllis support net in garden crops
The vertical support avoid that your crops get infected by the pathogens and helps to stop the growth of the weed.

Fungal problems are also effectively reduced if you are gardening vertically since the foliage will not stay wet after a rain. In addition, vertically grown crops are more exposed to sunlight, which means better growth. This will of course, ultimately result in healthier yields.

When laid vertically a stable trellis netting can efficiently provide better support for your crops. The netting eliminates the need to use heavy welded and expensive wire mesh. Support netting for cucumbers ensures maximum versatility, while providing an exceptional cost-effective lateral protection and support solution for cucumber plants and the harvest.


If grown traditionally (in hills or in rows) one cucumber plant can grow wide to spread for up to 20 square feet. With using vertical farming methods. You will be able to take advantage of whatever amount of farming or gardening ground space you have. This means less footprint and maximized yields that could bring in satisfying financial rewards.

Vertical gardening is, undoubtedly, is a perfect and one of the best space-saving solutions there is. It is useful for farmers growing crops in containers, small plots and raised beds.

Bush Type and Vining Type of Cucumber

cucmber crops using trellis support net
The support netting helps to care and protect the health of your cucumbers crops.

The most significant means of ensuring gardening success through vertical growing is to know the difference between the bush type and the vining type of cucumbers. You have to research wide, if you are not familiar with these cucumber types. You would not want to get and plant the wrong seedlings or seed, right?

If you are planning to grow your crop with the use of support netting for cucumbers, then you definitely would not want to end up planting the bush type. Although the bush variety does not really take too much space – they can only take up to three feet from the center (about nine square feet of total horizontal ground space) – they are not climbers. Therefore, there is no need for trellises if you are using this type.

The vining cucumber variety, on the other hand, can take up to three times that amount of ground space if allowed to grow and spread out on the ground soil. But, you can effectively and successfully grow your cucumbers in a space as small as one square foot if you are going to plant and train vertically.

How Tall Should the Trellises Be

hortomallas support net installed on plants in garden
You must install de support netting on your plants in a place that have a good sunligth exposition.

The height of your trellis for support netting for cucumbers should depend on your ground space availability. You can go for the low netting support that can measure from three to five feet high. Most farmers successfully grow their crops this way. If you are really short on space on the ground, you would be better off using nettings higher than five feet tall.

Additional Tips in Cucumber Farming

Aside from support netting for cucumbers, using the Screen of Green (SCROG) method is also good for growing cucumbers. This method allows you full control of the entire training process, while it also provides the plants with maximum benefits.

hortomallas support netting for ccubmers
The SCROG method too is a good option for get a good growth of the cucumbers crops.

It is always good to start out in growing cucumbers with the netting structure ready in place before you transplant the seedlings around the trellis. This is the best way to go to avoid damaging the roots.

If you are growing your cucumbers in containers, you should use a planting pot with the size of at least – this will allow for more root room.

Cucumbers climb through tendrils, which are specialized and touch-sensitive leaves that tightly wrap around any object they get in contact with. If the vines seem unwilling to climb you should check the latticework. Chances are they are very far apart or that the individual bars are too wide and the tendrils cannot grasp.

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